Trade in a wide range of commodities, such as energy, metals, and agricultural products. AM Broker offers DMA execution,
with the usual CFD (market maker) trading system

Trading commodities CFDs is a great way to diversify your portfolio and hedge risks. AM Broker has carved a niche for itself in the global commodity trading market, offering the optimal trading experience. Gain exposure to futures contracts, choosing from a wide variety of products, while benefiting from the latest technology and available commodity prices.

When you choose to trade commodity CFDs with AM Broker, you have:


    Choose from a wide range of commodities, such as energy, metals and agricultural products.

    Access pre-opening price action and gauge market direction with advanced tools.

    Get more control with low latency and Next Execution Direct Market Access on Exchange Traded Commodities.

    Enter and exit trades whenever you want, 24/5, on most market commodities.
Commodities trading represents the buying and selling of set quantities of homogenous, or near-homogenous assets. E.g, Natural Gas, Crude Oil, Gold. Commodities trading is typically dominated by agricultural products, energy, and metal. Price movements in commodities are usually seen as bellwethers for the overall health of the industry that produces/consumes them.

For example, the price of copper is typically associated with the outlook of the construction industry and, by extension government-funded infrastructure projects. Similarly, gold typically maintains its value and tends to increase in price during times of uncertainty. Commodity prices can be impacted by factors such as adverse weather, seasonal availability, natural disasters, and other non-market factors typically found in other financial instruments.

Usually, trading on commodities can be speculative or for hedging purposes. Traders can trade commodities to express their views on certain industries or hedge their trading portfolio.

Why Trade Commodities CFDs with AM Broker?

Trade CFDs on a wide variety of global commodities, including gold, silver and oil, with a SCB-licensed broker provider. With AM Broker, you get:
  • No requotes

  • No price manipulation

  • Competitive Disparity

  • Custom trading software

  • Access different asset classes on the same platform (or choice of platform)
  • Option to participate in the opening or closing phase of the market

  • Sophisticated risk management tools

Commodity CFD trading is much smoother when you choose AM Broker. Gain access to worldwide commodity prices with high execution speed, low slippage, deep liquidity and low spreads.
CommoditySymbolProduct Description Product Type
WTIWest Texas Intermediate Crude OilCommodities
DMA Cargo
Available Contract
CFD CommoditiesProduct Description